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 The Vintage Motor Scooter Club (VMSC) was formed in 1985 to cater for scooter owners not covered by the existing one make clubs.

The VMSC is dedicated to the salvation, preservation and restoration (where necessary) of all motor scooters and offers a service of expert advice and support to anyone with an interest in these machines.

Membership is only £15 per annum and includes 6 magazines and a minimum of three events (including the A.G.M.).

The VMSC has an international membership and as a result can often obtain information on the most obscure machines.

Events we take part in are listed on the calendar which is currently being updated but you can also keep up to date with events and news on our facebook page as well. Please feel free to join the page there and post pictures of your machines. If you like what you see please check the Join Us page.