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You all know Ian, so it goes without saying, folks, that we have had to censor his replies. We also discovered that the poor chap suffers from delusions – he believes his ramblings.


One look at Ian’s membership number and you know that he was in at the start. Ian said that he met John Law, our founder Member at a show. He didn’t say what sort of show it was and I was beginning to imagine it could be at the “Windmill Theatre” when he said it was Telford. John and he discussed the formation of a club but not on its present form – the mind boggles – are we talking about scooters? Of yes.


He said that John conned him into being Chairman. I was surprising how you can get landed with these jobs if you’re not very careful. However well done John, I think we all agree that we couldn’t have a better Chairperson.


We turned next to how long he had been a scooterist, the model/make of his first scooter and his favourite scooter.


Unfortunately his answer to the first question was facetious we meant motorised scooters. Ian said his first scooter was a NSU Prima. He bought that model simply because it was available at the local Motorcycle dealers.


We thought it would least have been because of the sprung seats so admired by Marinella Davies and Carole Plummer or its flowing lines. His favourite he said was the Dayton albatross because it is rebus and powerful, and powerful, an ideal machine for touring.


Asked about the future of the Club and Scootering in general. Ian said the future will inevitably be in nostalgia for machine ridden in one’s youth – The Twist and Goes probably taking the place of the Scooters we are so fond of. We have all noticed the upsurge in the your city travellers and hopefully they will use their transport for pleasure.


“What I most like about the VMSC is that it brings like minded people together. Marge and & have many friends through Scootering not only in the UK but also in many parts of Europe”.


Ian said that he continues as a Committee member because of the enjoyment he gets from helping others. Not because we, the members, wont let him get out of it.


As for advice to the Membership Ian said, “enjoy your Club”.