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For some time now the Committee has thought that members perhaps wonder who these people are that direct Club Policy so to that end we have persuaded each one to talk about their hobby and interest in the club.



Phil Gooding of Leicester agreed, with an arm twisted behind his back, to speak out, ----- Asked how long he had been a scooterist and member of the committee. Phil answered to the first question since 1966 and to the second ten years. How did he find out about the Club and why did he join,


Phil said, “perhaps strange to relate at a Motorcycle Show” and he joined because he had thought that all the old clubs had fizzled out and that he was on his own and it was nice to find a club that really supports scootering and helps those with an interest in Scooters of a bygone age.



Phil was asked what his first scooter was and why he chose it, "My first scooter”; Phil said, “was a 1957 Vespa 125, which nearly killed me. Silly as it sounds I got it because it was red and that was all but then I was only 16yrs old,” and your favourite scooter, “That has to be the Lambretta Li series 1”.


He was then asked why did he become a Committee member and where did he see the future of the V M S C and scootering in general. Phil said, “I feel that as a Committee members I can give something back to the club. As to the future of the Club --- numbers are growing quite steadily but I hope that it never reaches the size where the friendly atmosphere is lost.” Finally is there anything you would like to say to members about the Club, “Yes”, said Phil, “you will always find a Welcome all you need to do is come along to the Club events.