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Scooterist Scene

The VMSC are pleased to recommend this Magazine. Click on the logo above for more details.

Scooterist Scene was purchased by Mortons Media Group Ltd in 2003 from Mau Spencer (who still remains as editor). Originally started by Mau in 1997, it is has undergone an expansion plan which saw its circulation substantially increase, making it even more readily available to classic scooter enthusiasts.

Scooterist Scene provides a classic and traditional approach to its editorial coverage and should not be confused as offering the same content to readers as would be found in Scootering magazine, its stablemate publication. Scooterist Scene is aimed at scooterists whose main interest is in all things to do with classic scootering and the nostalgia that surrounds it. It includes little or no content to do with the modern auto riding scene - something that is covered by TAG, another of its stablemates - unless it feels it is relevant to today's world of traditional scootering.

Topics that directly affect the lifestyle of readers are addressed within its pages - such as restoration, memories from the past, classic scooters and their heritage. It also strives to retain its club and 'grass roots' feel. Regular features by people from within the scootering community highlight the pleasures and pain of pursuing their 'way of life', while others share their expertise on technical matters such as engine maintenance and restoration.

In addition to news, views, reviews and features is the classified section of the publication. So if you have any nostalgic memories from the past (with pictures to match), or you feel you might have something to contribute that may be of interest to others, then email Mau via mauspencer@scooteristscene.com or ring him on 01507 529408.

Watch out for it, and if you can't find it on the shelves, just ask your local newsagent if he can get if for you.