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DVLA Dating Service

Applicants MUST first contact the Clubs Authorised Signatory for this service who is:

Ian Harrop

11 Ivanhoe Avenue



Cheshire WA32HX Or Tel: 01942 743428

Under no circumstances must contact be made via the contact link on this Web Site, as the complexity of this process requires specific dialogue, which is difficult via email.

This information is provided to assist applicants in the process of either retaining an original registration mark or being issued with an age related registration mark, and does not override the official guidance which can be found on the DVLA website i.e. www.dvla.gov.uk , and this remains the definitive information on the scheme.

The club is authorised by the DVLA to provide a dating service for appropriate vehicles for which a registration number is required, and can help in either providing a ‘Certificate of Recommendation’ for application to retain an original number, or a Dating certificate, which accurately dates the machine for which an age related registration mark is being applied for.

The club uses its Marque Experts to facilitate this service and all times works under the guidance and oversight of the DVLA. The club, as an authorised signatory, is allowed to charge a fee for this service and rates can be obtained from the contact below.

Typical information required to accurately date a machine is usually the engine and frame numbers and these can be provided as ‘pencil rubbings’ or by digital photos, and must clearly show the required numbers. In some cases the vehicle may have to be inspected by a Club official.


There are two main categories of machine that fall into the scheme,

a) Machines for which there is appropriate documentary evidence to tie the machine to a particular registration, and that may have been out of use since 1983, or earlier that lapsed when centralisation of vehicle records was completed, and b) Machines for which there is no documentary evidence of a previous registration, and this can include Historic Vehicles imported into the UK

a) Machines for which there is appropriate documentary evidence to tie the machine to a particular registration

These machine fall in the V765 scheme and the club is authorised to provide a ‘certificate of recommendation’ that the machine retain its original registration mark. In addition the club must also complete, and sign, the appropriate section of the V765 document confirming the date of manufacture of the machine and confirming that the vehicle has been inspected.

For information, the categories of documentation that are acceptable to tie the machine to the registration mark to the machine are as follows: 1) Old Log Book(RF60/VE60), 2)pre 1983 Tax disc/MOT/Insurance Certificate, 3) Archive/Library record and 4) ‘Other documentary evidence.

In the case of ‘Other documentary evidence’ this can relate to the case where some Local authorities/archives hold old registration records and ledgers that can tie the machine to the registration mark being requested, but the extent of these records varies significantly across regions. The club can assist in advising applicants of the addresses of such bodies.  

In summary the required documentation to apply to retain an original mark is:

• V765, correctly completed and countersigned/stamped

• V55/5 application form for first licensing and registration of a motor vehicle

• Documentary evidence as above

• In some cases a photo

Nb Applicants should note that any Documentary Evidence must either be the original copy of the document or an authorised copy signed/stamped either by the DVLA Local Office, or the Archive in the case of ‘Other Documentary Evidence’.

b) Machines for which there is no documentary evidence of a previous registration,

These do not fall into the V765 scheme and an age related registration mark may be issued if the year of the vehicle concerned can be determined. This is represented by a ‘Dating Certificate’ prepared by the club and should be taken by the applicant along with a form V55/5 to the local DVLA Licensing Office in order to register the vehicle.

Vehicle Registration